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House of Vnholy



House of Vnholy (pronounced un-holy) is an experimental theatre artist and stage designer raised in Adelaide and based in Melbourne. HOV creates visual and immersive experiences with light, object and body through live performance, theatre, contemporary dance and large scale installation. HOV investigates the spectacle of the visual image inspired by neo-gothic thematics and the transcendence and meditation of time and space with a focus on ambiguity and vexation. HOV experiment in the exchange of the physical embodiment of text and the subversion of the contemporary spectacle within the theatrical context.

Formed in 2013 by Matthew Adey through the Australia Council of the Arts ‘Artstart’ program, House of Vnholy debuted their first performance installation MONO-at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2014. In an abandoned warehouse west of the city, MONO-was a site responsive performance that was well received to a sell out season returning to premiere at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne in 2015. The MONO-project was mentored by Phillip Adams of Balletlab through the VCA Graduate Mentorship program.

HOMME a performance art piece was made in collaboration with dance artist Rebecca Jensen through Darebin Speakeasy for the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2015. In 2016, HOV were invited to perform a 3-hour durational performance called The Spectre of Death Looms Large Despite The Variable Messages Being Inevitable aka The Chairs which was an exploration of the absurd inspired by Eugene Ionesco’s The Chairs. This led to a more restrained and condensed version called MYTH, premiering at Sydney’s Underbelly Arts Festival in September, 2017.

SEER is the second installment in a series of works excavating the literary and lesser known works of Edgar Allan Poe, transporting them into experimental contemporary experiences, the first being MONO-.