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Bureau of Meteoranxiety

Olivia Tartaglia, Alex Tate

Opening 10 May, 6pm–8pm, Missing Persons in the Nicholas Building
10–19 May
Tue–Sat 1pm–7pm
BLINDSIDE & Campbell Arcade
Green Tickets 15 May


    Auslan-interpreted performance 17 May 7pm

As climate change wreaks havoc on the planet, so too it inflicts turmoil on our psyche. Bureau of Meteoranxiety (BoMa) is here to help.

In this future-focused live art experience, artists Alex Tate and Olivia Tartaglia create an agency designed to address symptoms of climate change fear. Expose your woes to experimental visual therapies and sensory remedies. Beware of technical glitches and hyperbolic emotional responses – BoMa is in beta phase. Bringing ecoanxiety into sharp view, this immersive, thought-provoking work offers participants new language and coping strategies to help stay above the metaphorical and literal flood line.

Created by
Olivia Tartaglia and Alex Tate
Chris Brain
Sound Design
Mei Swan Lim
Joshua Allen
Graphic Design
Matt Sav
Michael Tartaglia

Bureau of Meteoranxiety has been assisted by BLINDSIDE, Campbell Arcade through City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces, the Australian Government through Australia Council, its arts and funding body and the Government of Western Australia through the Department of Culture and the Arts.