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Canine Choreography

Danielle Reynolds

11–12 May
6pm & 8.30pm
Collingwood Arts Precinct
$20 / $17


    • Auslan-interpreted performance 12 May 6pm
    • The 6pm performance on Friday 11 May will feature an integrated descriptive commentary for people who are Blind or have low vision

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Danielle Reynolds embarks on a humorous and sincere investigation into the world of “canine freestyle” – or freestyle dog dancing. A performance that is shared equally between dog and handler, this popular contemporary dog sport incorporates impressive agility and obedience training alongside choreography, costume and music.

Working alongside participants and their dogs in the lead up to this performance, Reynolds sets up a micro arena to present a meta spectacle; offering a sensitive exploration of the motives behind this peculiar but ultimately heartfelt pursuit. In a glittering display of anthropomorphism, Reynolds’ work highlights the intimate and instinctive connection between humans and dogs while delighting in the absurdity and the spectacle of this niche art form.

Due to heavy rain forecast for this Friday and Saturday, all performances of Canine Choreography have been relocated to an indoor location to ensure the safety and comfort of human and canine performers, and you, the audience. The new location is Collingwood Arts Precinct.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
If you are a person with disability attending this event and have specific questions about transport, site access or access services, feel free to contact Next Wave on 9329 9422.

Canine Choreography was originally planned for performance at Testing Grounds.

Created by
Danielle Reynolds
Arlo Maling & Fergus, Kati Hawk & Mo, Zoey Dawson & Poppy, David Wells & Ziggy, Danielle Reynolds
Dances With Dogs Members
Jill Houston & Amanda Houston, Janette Wilson & Scarlette, Sue Cordwell & Squirt, Charlie, Tamba Dee Moore & Tigger, Gaye Penny, Holly & Archie
Kirrilee Bailey
Friday Night Commentator/ Audio Description
Will McRostie
Saturday Night Commentators
Mish Grigor & Jason Maling
Lara Thoms
Martyn Coutts
Perth Videographer
Fionn Mulholland
Lighting Design & Production Stage Manager
Bronwyn Pringle
Assistant Production Stage Manager
Jacob Shears
Front of House Manager
Rafaella McDonald
Merchandise Design
Original Copy
Auslan Interpreter
Marc Ethan
Kirsty Macafee
Fergus Maling

Content warning: contains dogs and loud music.

Canine Choreography has been assisted by Testing Grounds, Collingwood Arts Precinct, Creative Victoria and the Australian Government through Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.