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House of Vnholy

3–8 May
Thu 4pm–10pm
Fri–Mon 12pm–10pm
Tue, 12pm–7pm
Main Theatre, Darebin Arts Centre
45min, every 15min


    Due to venue infrastructure, specific sessions have been reserved for patrons with mobility needs. Wheelchair users and patrons who utilise mobility aids or equipment are encouraged to email ticketing@nextwave.org.au to book

What would you do if you had a choice between living or losing yourself to the darkness? Part two of a trilogy by experimental theatre artist and stage designer House of Vnholy, this poetic interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story Shadow – a Parable, navigates through time and space, and the dark depths of the theatre.

Stark and gothic, this intimate, immersive performance installation offers a meditation on silence, absence and transcendence. The celebration of secular rituals and the religious iconography of death and dying are contemplated through potent visual imagery and a haunting vocal and sound composition.

Design and directed by
Matthew Adey
Marcel Dorney
Sound Design
Jannah Quill
Systems Design
Andre Vanderwert
Costume Design
Benjamin Hancock
Performed by
Leila Rodgers, Marcus McKenzie, Sarah Aiken and Johnathan Peck
Ryan Wheatley

Content warning: this performance is for one person at a time and contains nudity, loud noise, strobe effects and periods of darkness. Patrons will also be required to be in a small space with no windows.

House of Vnholy is presented in association with Darebin Arts Speakeasy.